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4 Ways To Train Your Brain For Better Performance

By Mashael Alenazi

Our brain is no different from other parts of our body. That means, if you care enough to go to the gym to train your muscles, you should not leave your brain out. Training your brain helps you learn faster and speed up your memory.

A well-trained brain makes you do things more thoughtfully. However, it will not happen in an instant—it takes active steps and consistency. Focus is key. You are responsible for how your brain works and must build it through conscious training. Here’s how:

Exercise your mind and body

An unhealthy body affects the mind and, by extension, the brain, so your physical health is a significant part of your mental health. When you look after your body, your brain also benefits. A 20-minute daily workout routine will go a long way. Make the time.

Eat right 

Food is to the brain what music is to the soul, and the type of food you eat impacts your general wellbeing, including how the brain works. What you eat reflects on your skin, tissue growth, and the development of neurons, which are strongly connected to aiding brain function.

Don’t just eat; eat good nutritious food. Nuts are particularly great, as is fish, such as mackerel, salmon, and tuna. They are rich in fatty acids, which the brain needs.

Surround yourself with mentors

Jim Rohn, a business philosopher, once said that every individual is an average of at least the five people they spend the most time with. You will sooner or later take after the life pattern of the people you associate with without even knowing.

Therefore, being in the midst of intelligent people will drive you towards clever thinking. If you are frequently surrounded by people who speak negatively, it won’t be long before you also become like them.

Put your brain to work

Training your brain involves activity. When monks sit calmly on the floor, all their attention goes to working their minds. A brain that is left on its own goes to a state of dullness over time.

Do something to excite your brain, like a new activity – read inspiring books or learn a new language, for example. The more work you do daily, the better your brain will perform for you. The important is to be on the move.

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