11 phrases you never say to any woman with breast cancer

Psychological support and good mental health is very important, especially for women suffering from breast cancer. The more comfortable she felt, the higher her cure rate would be. As for her grief, this will negatively affect how she received the treatment.

 From here, it is very necessary that you be the first supporter of any woman you know suffers from these malignancies, and that you know how to deal and talk to her without affecting her negatively. Sometimes, she may utter some phrases thinking that you will send hope in her heart, but in reality they add insult to injury.

In what follows, we will reveal to you phrases that you never say to a breast cancer patient, and questions that you also do not ask her.

11 tips for talking with a breast cancer patient, without hurting her feelings.

Phrases and questions that you do not say and ask any woman with breast cancer:

1.    “  I know someone who has had such an experience.”

For example, don’t talk about your friend’s breast cancer experience in front of any woman who has had breast cancer. Also, do not try to compare the two, as each patient faces the problem in her own way.

  • 2.    ”   You don’t look sick

This phrase negatively affects the psyche of a woman with breast cancer without realizing it, especially as she is trying very hard not to appear ill. You do not know how much suffering a woman with these malignant tumors goes through, especially since this disease threatens her femininity and beauty.

  • 3.    Will your hair fall out?

It’s one of the most common questions that you should not ask a person with breast cancer, intentionally or not. It is true that chemotherapy may be for a short period and in its early stages, and her hair may not fall out frequently, but this question will negatively affect her psyche.

  • 4.    At what stage of your illness are you?

If you want to ask a breast cancer patient this question, out of concern, then do it only once. It is also preferable not to ask it at all, because the patient may understand the question as if: “How much time do you have to live?” So avoid asking such delicate questions.

  • 5.    Everything happens for a reason

You may think that this phrase helps the patient to relieve her pain and contribute to her support, but you are wrong. “Everything happens for a reason” has a negative effect on the psyche of any woman afflicted with breast cancer, as she will think that she made a mistake in her life.

  • 6.    I know what you feel well

This phrase may be a kind of support for the patient or an attempt to reassure her heart, but it will not help. What a breast cancer sufferer is going through No one else can feel the same pain.

  • 7.    be positive

Be confident that a woman with breast cancer is going through a very critical stage, such as undergoing chemotherapy, hair loss and other painful symptoms. Therefore, the phrase “be positive”, the patient will not feel supported but, on the contrary, will frustrate her. If you want to make her full of positive energy, do some steps with her such as spending time with her, listening to her, accompanying her to therapy, and more.

  • What a misfortune!

Never say this when you hear that a woman has breast cancer. A sentence that will kill the patient’s hope before starting treatment even, and will reduce her spirits.

  • 9.    Why didn’t you tell me about your illness?

Never blame a woman with breast cancer, as this topic is very sensitive for her. Instead of saying, “Why didn’t you tell me about your illness yourself?”, Stand by her and support her in your own way

10.           “How can I help you”?

While this phrase reflects the extent of your concern for breast cancer, it negatively affects the psyche of the patient. In fact, this question will make her feel vulnerable and in need of care. Therefore, it is best to provide assistance automatically without asking it.

11.           “It is good that you are not married and have children.”

One of the worst phrases that can be said to anyone with breast cancer! This sentence will reflect negatively on the patient’s psyche and she will think that it is okay if she dies as a result of breast cancer, and that it has no value in life.

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