Discover Saudi Arabia’s Beaches to Enjoy Summer Vacation

If you are looking for your next holiday destination, Saudi Arabia has got you

Blue skies, soft white sand and crystal clear turquoise water all with a luxurious twist sound like the perfect vacation. All beach lovers can find this and more at Saudi Arabia’s picturesque beaches.

As summer approaches, leaders Magazine compiled a list of the must-visit beaches for all nature enthusiasts who seek to escape summer’s heat.

Half Moon Bay Beach

Half Moon Bay Beach, nestled along Saudi Arabia’s picturesque coastline, is renowned for its pristine sands, crystal-clear waters, and tranquil ambiance.

Located 75 kilometers north of Al Khobar, this coastal paradise offers a serene escape from city life.

Half Moon Bay Beach captivates visitors with its natural splendor and breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf.

The crescent-shaped shoreline, from which the beach derives its name, creates a sense of serenity and seclusion. This makes it an ideal destination for relaxation and recreation.

Whether basking in the sun’s warmth, enjoying a stroll along the shore, or simply admiring the sunset, visitors are treated to uninterrupted vistas of the shimmering sea and expansive skies.

Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar: Discover the Crown Jewel of Saudi Arabia

Beyond its stunning scenery, Half Moon Bay Beach offers an array of recreational activities and water sports for adventure enthusiasts.

There is no shortage of excitement for those seeking an adrenaline rush. There are plenty of activities such as swimming, snorkeling in the azure waters, and jet skiing. Additionally, the beach’s gentle waves and shallow waters make it ideal for safe family swimming.

How To Ge There?

Dammam International Airport is one of the close airports as it is almost an hour away by car.

Where to Stay?

There is a variety of resorts and hotels in Umluj, including Le Meridien Al Khobar and Movenpick Beach Resort Al Khobar.

Umluj Beaches

Among all Saudi Arabia’s beaches, Umluj beaches, on the coast of the Red Sea, ranked 41st on BeachAtlas’ list of the 100 best beaches around the world, reported Al Arabiya.

The beaches are distinguished with their turquoise waters and golden sand. The list described the beaches as an ideal haven for visitors who are looking to relax by the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea.

Umluj is a small city located northwest of Saudi Arabia, 150 km north of Yanbu next to the Red Sea.

Umluj, “the Maldives of Saudi Arabia” is an archipelago consisting of 104 small islands with turquoise and crystal waters and white sand. On its beaches more than 300 types of coral reefs can be seen in the Red Sea.

أملج.. مالديف السعودية الذي لم تعرفوها من قبل

People can also enjoy wildlife, places to stay and hike, and an environment that combines the mountain, and the sea at the same time making it one the most popular beaches for tourists.

In addition to its moderate climate, it is one of the tourist destinations for many residents of the regions and it has a clean, pristine beach.

How to get there?

Prince Abdul Mohsin Bin Abdulaziz international Airport near Yanbu is one hour and fourty minutes away from the coastal city

Where to Stay?

There is a variety of resorts and hotels in Umluj, including The St.Regis Red Sea Resort and Six Senses Southern Dunes

Jeddah’s Beaches

Jeddah is home to some of best Saudi Arabia’s beaches. Jeddah’s beaches are abound with sites that overlook magnificent panoramic views, attracting tourists and especially adventure enthusiasts to its captivating natural tourist balconies.

The marine facade of Jeddah is considered one of the city’s main tourist attractions. It is a destination for holidays and enjoyable relaxation times, with the facade spanning an area of ​​over 4500 square meters.

The facade represents the largest development phase of Jeddah’s marine facade, with available services suitable for all categories and ages.

أفضل 10 شواطئ جدة، اماكن سباحة في جدة | Wingie

Moreover, waterfront has various cafés with panoramic views from their top floors.

Well-known fast-food restaurants line the Waterfront, bordered by ice cream shops. There are little grocery stores, hot salted corn kiosks with dripping butter, a variety of refreshing drink vendors, and delicious bakeries.

Several luxurious hotels are near the Jeddah Waterfront like Hilton hotel and Qasr Al Sharq hotel. The hotels are a few minutes’ walk from the Waterfront.

Where to Stay?

There is a variety of resorts and hotels in Umluj, including The Venue Jeddah Corniche and Movenpick Resort Al Nawras Jeddah.

How to get there?

King Abdulaziz International Airport is about 30-20 minutes away from Jeddah’s beaches.

Beaches in Jazan

Jazan is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This city is located in the south of the Kingdom, as it directly overlooks the Red Sea.

Its coast stretches to about 250 kilometers.The climate varies in general, which makes tourists love to spend their vacation on its coasts.

Jazan’s beaches are distinguished by the blue water and soft sand.

افضل 6 من شواطئ جازان ننصح بزيارتها | Wingie

Al-Masdoud Beach

Located along the northwestern coast of Saudi Arabia, Tabuk region has many diversified tourist destinations. It is where the marvelous desert nature, fascinating beaches, and breathtaking heritage attractions portray a stunning image.

Al-Masdoud beach lies just 30 kilometers south of Al-Wajh Governorate, marking a hidden paradise in Tabuk coastline.

The turquoise waters of the Red Sea perfectly harmonize with the desert sands, as if it is an astonishing picture painted by nature.

Mangrove trees are one of the most significant features in the scene protecting the shorelines from damaging winds, waves, and floods.

Furthermore, these trees that grow in dense thickets highly preserve water quality by filtering pollutants, trapping sediments from the land and reducing coastal erosion.

Explore Al-Masdoud Beach: Saudi Untouched Beauty Where Desert Meets Sea

Al-Masdoud Beach is distinguished by a captivating marine life, a rich haven for coral reefs and seaweeds.

Being an ultimate combination between sea and desert, the beach provides an exceptional mixture of adventure and entertainment for visitors across the world.

Therefore, it is the best destination for several tourists in their weekends and seasonal holidays who always admire the beach due to its extraordinary nature.

How to Get There?

Red Sea International Airport is one of the close airports in which tourists can land to visit Al-Wajh Governorate and Al-Masdoud beach.

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