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WHO, KSRC Sign $10 Mln Agreement

Project Implementation

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced a significant milestone. On Tuesday, WHO inked a $10 million agreement with the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center.

This partnership is groundbreaking. It aims to provide essential emergency health services in Gaza. Over a million Palestinians stand to benefit from this initiative. The focus is on life-saving care in this critical region.

Project Implementation

This ambitious project spans the next 12 months. It has a comprehensive scope, supporting 30 primary healthcare centers. Additionally, 10 hospitals will receive substantial aid. Ambulances in Gaza are also part of this plan. They will get essential medicines and medical supplies. Single-use items and fuel are included too. Consequently, this project is a beacon of hope for healthcare in Gaza.

Collaboration with Partners

The WHO’s strategy hinges on collaboration. Key partners include local health authorities and the UNRWA. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency is vital in this context. Their joint efforts aim to continue healthcare services efficiently. Moreover, managing the supply chain effectively is a cornerstone of this partnership.

Comments from WHO Regional Director

Dr. Hanan Balkhy, the WHO’s regional director, shared her insights. She leads the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Her comments shed light on the agreement’s significance. Additionally, the collaboration is strategic and well-coordinated. It’s designed to meet Gaza‘s urgent health needs.

Impact of Agreement

Dr. Balkhy also spoke about the agreement’s broader impact. The King Salman Center’s commitment is noteworthy. It allows the WHO to further enhance Gaza’s healthcare system. The focus is on displaced individuals affected by ongoing violence. Finally, they will now have access to crucial, life-saving healthcare. This agreement is a ray of hope amid challenges.


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