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King Salman Approves Providing 1 Mln Copies of Quran to Islamic centers

King Salman approved the distribution of one million copies of the Holy Quran to Islamic centers and mission offices abroad.


The King Fahd Printing Complex produced one million copies for distribution abroad.


The Ministry of Islamic Affairs will supervise the distribution of the Qur’an in 22 countries during the month of Ramadan for the current year.


The Qurans will be printed in Madinah in various sizes.


The King Fahd Complex will also translate the meanings of the words of the Noble Qur’an into more than 76 languages.


The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh, praised the support received by the attachés and Islamic centers abroad from the wise leadership.


Islamic centers abroad seek to fulfill their lofty mission in the service of Islam and Muslims.


the minister indicated that this comes as an extension of the efforts made by the Kingdom to everyone who contributes to delivering the Qur’an to millions of Muslims around the world.


Al-Sheikh indicated that the ministry has begun coordination and preparation for shipping the complex’s publications to Islamic centers according to the highest standards.


It also ensured that the copies arrived on time, in coordination with the Kingdom’s embassies in those countries.


The Islamic institutions built by the Kingdom in various continents of the world constituted luminous beacons for spreading the call, Arab culture, and the Qur’an.


It is also to inform the world about the truth of Islam, the tolerance of this religion, and the highness of its humanitarian principles.


These institutions have played an active role in responding to the false facts spread by orientalists about the Quran and Islam.

The Islamic centers came as a sincere expression of the efforts made by Saudi Arabia to introduce Islam and the Qur’an in a correct way.

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