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What are the best face recognition cameras?

Most home monitoring cameras today have facial recognition technology, this technology enables you to create a database of friends and family members who visit your home permanently.

This technology has grown in popularity recently, not only with home surveillance cameras but also with our phones and as effective tools used to automate devices to log airport check-ins.

 And since law enforcement has invested a lot of money to implement this technology, this has affected many questions regarding privacy and civil rights, in addition to inviting governments.

Now we’ll look at the facial recognition cameras, to see which models are best for helping you decide whether or not one of them will work for you:

1Nest Hello:

If we talk about facial recognition capabilities, Nest Hello, Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Nest Cam IQ Outdoor (all basically the same camera) are very successful cameras.

Among these options, the Nest Hello camera is the best choice for face recognition because it is the least expensive, and it also provides you with important information about who is at your door. You must subscribe to Nest Aware to store videos.

2 – Tend Secure Lynx:

This camera not only offers multiple great features like free seven-day video storage, but also free face recognition (unlike the optional Nest Aware service). This camera can also create a database of familiar faces. This camera comes at only $ 60.

3-  Nest Cam IQ Indoor

This camera is similar to Nest Hello camera. This camera has the feature of face recognition, and also allows you to know precisely who is in front of the field of view of the camera. It also has other benefits such as: Google Voice Assistant, which means that the camera doubles mainly as a speaker in Google Home and can answer basic questions such as: the current weather or traffic in your area and control of a variety of smart home devices supported by the Google Voice Assistant, It also works with Amazon Alexa.


There are also a number of recommended cameras such as:

1- Nest Cam IQ Outdoor:

This camera is similar to the Nest Hello camera when it comes to specifications and performance, but its price is very different from Nest Hello.

2- Netatmo Welcome:

This camera offers face recognition feature, but it is not 100 percent reliable.

3- Wisenet SmartCam N1:

This camera comes at $ 150 and offers facial recognition, and it comes with a built-in microSD card slot for local storage.

There are also surveillance cameras that are not recommended:

1- HoneyWell Smart Home Security:

Its unreliable performance, including facial recognition technology, also severely damages the appeal of this integrated system.

2- Tend Secure Lynx Pro:

Although the specifications of this camera have been improved, it could not provide better face recognition feature.

The future of facial recognition:

In 2018, Ring filed a patent on facial recognition. Patents indicate that future Ring products developed may be able to automatically detect and identify faces from “wanted” lists or watch lists and automatically send notifications to enforce the law.

The following is a summary of one of the patent files:

The video may be analyzed by the video / audio recording device that recorded the video, to determine whether the video contains a known criminal (such as a convicted criminal, a perpetrator, a person on the “wanted” list, etc.) or a suspicious person. Some current models may automatically submit these videos to law enforcement.

“Amazon dreams about a dangerous future,” said American Civil Liberties Union attorney Jacob Snow.

Snow added: “The history of discriminatory government monitoring shows that face monitoring will in some way harm people who are already targeted by the government and subjected to racial discrimination and abuse, migrants and former detainees.”

Currently, “Ring” cameras do not offer facial recognition at all, and models that work, such as Nest Hello, are only designed to identify the person you are adding to the “familiar faces” list.

These recordings will not be used to enforce the law, but only to determine whether or not a criminal is convicted, and to enforce the law if they discover a face that could match someone in a database.

While we don’t know of any ethical violations associated with these cameras on the market right now, the reality is that we have no way to verify how biometric data is used.

Even if we provide the companies concerned the benefit of the doubt regarding their policies for analysis and data use, those policies may change at any time.

We will continue to monitor home surveillance cameras, doorbell and other devices using integrated facial recognition technology, to follow any changes in industry trends, and see if any new models come close to matching Nest’s Hello buzzer intelligence.

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