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Saudi Arabia rejects foreign interference in Libya

Saudi Arabia confirmed its rejection of foreign interference in the Libyan issue, which led to the movement of extremist fighters to Libya, violation of relevant Security Council resolutions, increased military escalation, prolonged the conflict, and deepened the suffering of the brotherly Libyan people.

Saudi Arabia reaffirmed its position of supporting the Libyan people and respecting their will, and standing at an equal distance from all Libyan parties, calling on all parties to exercise self-restraint and prevail over the supreme interest, as well as, support the United Nations efforts to stop conflict and crisis resolution with dialogue .

This came in Saudi Arabia’s speech during the open debate of the Security Council on the situation in the Middle East and the Palestinian issue that is being held this Thursday, delivered by the Kingdom’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Muallami.

Al-Muallami indicated that Israel is still enacting legislation and taking anti-Palestinian policies to legalize its settlement system, and depriving the Palestinian people of their rights, calling the international community to compel Israel to implement relevant international resolutions, otherwise the region will continue to suffer from the danger of this conflict.

He said: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirms its steadfast position, which is that the Palestinian issue is the first central issue for Saudi Arabia and will continue to defend it and the rights of the Palestinian people until it obtains its inalienable rights and establishes its independent state on the borders of June 4, 1967,”.

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