Waves of fog cover the Souda Mountains in Abha

The foothills of the famous the “Souda” Mountains in southern Saudi Arabia are characterized by scenic nature.

This region is considered the highest altitude in Saudi Arabia, whose mountains are covered with dense juniper trees forming amazing natural forests.

Photographer Raed Al-Awfi decided to live the experience of photographing the Sea of ​​Fog in Al-Sahab Park in Al-Soudah.

Cold spring

The weather in Asir is a cold spring that coincides with the summer glow and heat in the rest of the regions.

 Large crowds of holidaymakers have flocked to Asir Governorate since the beginning of the summer vacation, to enjoy winter tourism with almost daily rain showers and low temperatures.

Al-Soudah .. a tourist village

 Al-Soudah is a tourist center in the Asir region, located at an altitude of 3015 meters above sea level.

 Binoculars were installed in some of its parts to see the wonderful views.

The village records temperatures that do not exceed 15 degrees Celsius in the summer, while the temperatures in the winter are very low compared to the surrounding areas.

In the vicinity of Al-Soudah Park, there are a group of villages that form distinct tourist sites, such as the villages of Rabia’a,

The village of Baha (Al-Mahtaba Park), is characterized by the presence of natural waterfalls, and a group of lakes formed as a result of the constant flow of water as well as rainfall.

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