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Views of winter veiled dresses 2021

There are designs of winter veiled dresses 2021, suitable for girls, as the winter season approaches this year, it is possible to choose the appropriate design from among them.

There is a group of winter designs, which are suitable for veiled women and at the same time keep pace with fashion; as it is distinguished by its elegance and distinction.

There are several options for veiled girls in the event that she has a party or a large wedding, to choose a suitable winter dress for the occasion, in order to appear warm.

A long black dress with a straight shape can be chosen, decorated with puffed sleeves designed with velvet fabric printed with white flowers, with coordinating black shoes and a white veil with some accessories, tViews of colorful winter veiled dresses

There are also some dresses that are suitable for veiled and are colored for girls who do not prefer the color black, and keep pace with fashion lines in winter fashion to fit the 2021 season to give you a more luxurious and elegant look.

Some women will be able to choose winter dresses with multiple overlapping colors or only one color as you prefer, and they can be more audacious by wearing a dress in the color of Nabi with coordinating a veil on it and a black belt, and some simple accessories, to show a distinct and elegant look.

And you can choose a dress decorated from the bottom with a white cloth and another yellow and on the top in navy, a white veil and black shoes, this look adds a kind of fun and elegance as well as being more modern and charming.

Jailan Atef has one simple secret to success, and that is to never stray from her strong brand identity and fashion values. Her signature designs make a bold statement, and appeal to both hijab wearers as well as clients looking for modest outfits. Egypt Today sits down with Atef to speak about her unmistakable designs, vision as well as her journey with fashion.

She started her professional career in 2005 as a stylist and make-up artist after returning from Germany where she took make-up and styling courses. At that time veiled brides used to take off their hijab on their wedding day so this pushed me to design a new style of hijab for brides, which was very popular. Back then I did bridal make-up and helped brides with their veils. In 2011, I established my fashion line, Glow. My first collection launched in summer 2012, and though the designs were simple, the collection achieved great success because it had a unique concept.

Design for veiled women

My main aim is to create simple designs that make veiled ladies look elegant, because wearing hijab doesn’t mean you have to forgo elegance. Modest fashion has become main stream in many countries around the world; Nike cooperated with the iconic veiled model Halima Aden, who I want one day to wear one of my designs. My goal is to have a different perspective for hijab fashion in Egypt, and I’m working to be part of this change. But not all of my customers are veiled; I design for veiled women of all ages but any woman looking for a modest outfit can wear my designs.

What are the latest trends in hijab? What advice do you have for veiled women for choosing their outfits?

Number one you should take good care of your psychological health, because this will be reflected on your face, skin, body, hair and also on people around you. There are a lot of trendy styles, wear what suits you and makes you feel comfortable. The most important thing is to know your body and its weak points in order to choose the outfit that can hide your body’s defects. Don’t be obsessed with being curvy or having an hourglass figures body, because few women naturally look like that. Don’t overdo make-up, and instead go for simple, natural looks. The colors of your hijab should be consistent with those of your outfits, the simpler you are the more elegant you will be. I prefer cotton, satin and pure silk veils.

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