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US: Saudi Arabia is making many efforts for the benefit of the Lebanese people

The US called for an international mobilization, drawing greater attention to the Lebanese people and using Saudi efforts to save them after the visit of the American ambassador Dorothy Shea and her French counterpart Anne Greu to Riyadh.

The official spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, explained that what the US administration is trying to do is to provide humanitarian relief to the Lebanese people, and said that the ongoing meetings between Saudi Arabia, the US, and France are in the interest of the Lebanese people.

Price indicated during his press conference that the two ambassadors concluded their visit to Saudi Arabia. During the tripartite talks, they discussed three issues: first, the current situation in Lebanon; second, how the Lebanese people can be supported. Finally, and most importantly, how to help for the stability of the Lebanese economy.

He stated that the American strategy calls for Lebanon’s leaders to show sufficient flexibility to support the formation of a government and be willing to support reform.

The Lebanese people can achieve humanitarian relief, stressing that putting aside political differences will help support the necessary tangible reforms and unleash long-term structural support in Lebanon.

“The Lebanese deserve a real government, which urgently implements these necessary reforms, especially in light of the deteriorating situation of the Lebanese economy,” he added.

“This crisis in the Lebanese economy has been going on for years, even decades, due to mismanagement, corruption, impunity, and more recently because of the inability of Lebanon’s leaders to put aside political differences and work for the common good, and the sake of the Lebanese people,” he finalized.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that Saudi Arabia is an important regional player and has a vital interest in Lebanon. Washington is trying to do the same as its partners, which is to shed light on the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon.

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