Tuwaiq Sculpture Forum 2023 runs 65 events

More than 65 activities and events were held at the Tuwaiq Sculpture Forum 2023 in Saudi Arabia as part of the Community Partnership Program. This was to highlight the importance of the forum and its cultural and artistic role in society and to ensure that art reaches all its members of all ages.

The program includes, in conjunction with the process of forming creative sculptures, school visits, interactive workshops, and panel discussions in Durrat Al Riyadh and the Jax neighborhood in Diriyah, in which prominent names in the field of art participate.

This year’s program features workshops that explore sculptural forms in various ways and across different materials, with a range of options suitable for beginners and intermediate levels. The workshops include several topics, most notably a seminar on the art of ancient doors presented by Fares Al-Harmah.

The wood carving workshop, presented by the Madayn team, develops skills using the traditional tools carving technique, and other workshops will be held to explore jewelry making, carving using metal materials, and gypsum carving, in addition to a series of workshops that address the basics of carving basic facial features such as eyes and ears, nose, and lips led by art and creativity studio Catalyst.

A group of panel discussions will deal with topics of sculpture and contemporary art and will include leading experts and artists in their field, including: “Preserving Culture Through Art”, in which architect and photographer Saleh Al-Hathloul will speak, Dalia Musa, Director of Arts and Culture at the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, and Director of the College Program Performing Arts at the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts in Riyadh, Samir Al-Dhamer, in addition to various topics in sculpture, including the history of Saudi stone.

Sculptures will be made up to February 2 in the form of sculptures under the slogan “Extent of Harmony”, using granite and Riyadh stone from the King’s land before they are displayed in their final form in the exhibition accompanying the forum from February 5 to 10.

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