Trustees Board of Arab Award for Inspiring Women holds its first meeting

Trustees Board of the Arab Award for Inspiring Women, organized by the UAE Al-Rakh Foundation, held its first meeting, yesterday, Tuesday, via the “Zoom” video communication technology.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Wafa Al-Antali; CEO of the UAE Rakh Foundation, General Supervisor of the Award, and Her Excellency Azza bint Suleiman; Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, and members of the Board

The meeting started with a speech delivered by Dr. Wafaa Ahmed Al-Antali; She mentioned that the Arab Award for Inspiring Women is an Arab award given in the UAE to Arab women and celebrates their achievements and leadership on many levels.

She noted that the award is the first in the Middle East, which brings together several international partnerships.

Eng. Azza bint Suleiman; Chair of the Award’s Board of Trustees, inaugurated the meeting that started with an acquaintance between the members of the Board of Trustees and an overview of the expertise, skills, and experience of each member in different fields

The council unanimously decided to establish the framework controls for the award by submitting the participation file containing a written or video recording description of the participant’s experience, to give each person the chance to more inspiringly introduce their skills in the field in which they find themselves.

It also agreed to include a crucial category that includes housewives, and domestic workers who have taken it upon themselves to raise kids and produce a generation that is both productive and powerful in our nation. She is the generation she is raising’s motivating and productive woman.

The comments at the meeting were varied. It included all those who presented different approaches to the award, and its criteria and controls were voted on to ensure the success of this pioneering experiment.

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