Tokyo records the highest rate of corona cases, days after the start of the Olympics

The Japanese city, Tokyo, recorded 2,848 new cases of Coronavirus today, Tuesday, only days after the postponed Olympics began, which is the highest daily toll since the pandemic began last year.

Tokyo Olympic Committee announced that Corona injuries related to the tournament had risen to 132.

Among the new infections, people are in their twenties (951 cases), thirties (610), and forty (466), while 372 cases are under 19 years old.

Health officials in Tokyo said that the number of hospitalized patients with severe symptoms in Tokyo reached 82, an increase of four from Monday.

The total number of Corona injuries in the Japanese capital since the outbreak of the epidemic has reached more than 200,000.

The Olympic Games, which will be held from July 23 to August 8, kicked off last Friday in Tokyo.

 It was postponed last year, due to the Corona pandemic; strict health measures have been taken in Japan to hold the global event scheduled every four years.

Competitions during the Olympics are held in stadiums without an audience

On Sunday, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Organizing Committee announced 10 new cases of “Covid-19”, bringing the total number of cases related to the tournament to 132.

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