Saudi Arabia to impose a 3-year travel ban for citizens who visit “Red List” countries

An official source in the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced that anyone who is proven to be involved in traveling to countries to which travel is prohibited will be banned from traveling for three years.

He explained that the violator will expose himself to legal accountability and severe penalties upon his return, and will prevent him from traveling outside the Kingdom for 3 years.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed the continuation of the travel ban, whether directly or through another country, to the declared countries, and any other countries where the pandemic has not yet been controlled or the mutated strain of the virus has been proven to spread.

 It called on citizens to be careful and to stay away from areas where instability prevails or the spread of the virus, and to follow all precautionary measures, regardless of their destination, according to what was reported by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Ban on travel to certain countries

On July 3, the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced that it would ban citizens from traveling to several countries without obtaining prior permission from the concerned authorities.

The ministry decided to stop flights with countries prohibited from traveling to and from and to apply institutional quarantine to all those coming from them, citizens, and others.

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