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The Hours of The Curfew Has Shrinked During Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

King Salman Bin Abdulaziz has changed the rule of the curfew during the pandemic of CVID-19. Instead of the restricted 24 hours of the home quarantine, the ruler of Saudi Arabia has loosened up the restrictions to allow going out. The allowed timing is from 9:00 till 17:00 on Sunday till Thursday. This sudden change came as apart of giving the people their right to meet their needs during the month of Ramadan. However, many authorities and government bodies have Imposed that this decision came as an exception, and the precautions should stay the same.

In this context, the precaution steps are the way to decrease the possibility of getting infected. These steps are followed by the World Health Organization (WHO), where many countries are infusing them.

  • Social Distance

Many studies have shown that by keeping a distance around 2m between people, the chances of getting infected are less. Since the coronavirus is transmitting between people through physical touch, it is crucial to keep a distance between each one and another.

  • Face Masks

Because the virus can spread quickly in mediators like saliva and the breathing, it is very are vital to cover up the face and especially the mouth and nose, by wearing masks.

  • Hand Gloves

The coronavirus can stay on surfaces for many hours and sometimes days, so wearing gloves is essential to double protect from any infection. Gloves work as an isolator between one’s hands and any surfaces.

  • Hand Washing

it is important to keep the hands clean. Washing hands regularly by water and soap or by using hand sanitizers, can remove any virus residuals from infected surfaces, and subsequently lower the chances of getting infected.

In general, there are other steps to stay protected from the coronavirus like changing the clothes, whipping up the surfaces, decreasing the use of paper money, and more. However, the four steps above are fundamental and crucial to stay secured and safe.

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