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Artists are Sending Their Messages During Corona Time

During the time of Corona, many people and businesses are getting affected. Artists, for instance, have delayed their artwork, canceled their exhibits, and stopped their sale cycles. However, many artists have decided to make their art as a way for social awareness in such a time. Art is the way of expressing, and this is the best way to express the feeling during this health crisis.

The street art is actively present during this time of the pandemic. It is giving the artists the reason to do art, which is either to deliver their message or to make their statement. Art reflects how people are receiving an idea, and with this corona, era artists are showing how they are comprehending the situation.

There are groups of artists who believe in cause and result. They consider this phenomenon as a result of how people are treating each other, and they are infusing the idea of love and connection. While others have expressed that this corona time is a suitable time for political and economic manipulation, it is the time where the evil in people is revealed without any prevention. On the other hand, some artists took their art to another concept. They are sending their gratitude to those who work in the medical field. It is a way to say “Thank You” because of the efforts they are providing for the patients and the people around them.

Generally, art is an extensive language that can be drafted in many ways. It is the fastest and most in-depth way to deliver a particular message or idea. In a time of a pandemic, usually, there are a lot of stories to tell.

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