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The Doctor of Poors Has Passed Away, and Thousands Condolence Him in Egypt

“I am ascetic and do not want a suit with millions or 10 thousand pounds.” This saying was among the most famous of what the Egyptian physician Mohamed Mashali said, who left our world a couple of days ago.

He left behind him an unforgettable reputation and memories that many Egyptians who helped and earned their respect.

The doctor, whose news of his death “Trend” was published in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries, received the love of the poor and the needy, and his title was “Doctor of the Poors”, after many years he spent serving them for a simple financial return, and sometimes for free.

and recorded in the life of “Mashali” positions that made him devote his life to serving the sick of the poor without regard for money and fame, including the will that his father left him on his deathbed, in which he asked him to help the poor.

His love for the dean of Arabic literature “Taha Hussein” contributed to making him care about the poor, as the late writer mentioned in his novel “The Tormented on the Earth”: “I command you good for the poor, especially the poor patients.”

As for the third situation that made him turn to the “doctor of the poor” was a child suffering from diabetes, and when “Mashali” asked his mother to buy him treatment, she replied that she did not have the price of the injection, and if she bought it, the rest of his brothers would die from hunger.

And the late doctor confirmed, in previous statements to him, that what the mother mentioned made her sick child start burning himself so that his mother does not suffer the hardship of his treatment and can provide food for his brothers, adding that this accident pushed him more to continue treating the poor.

The doctor confirmed, in a spontaneous meeting on the program “My Heart Reassured” that was broadcast last Ramadan, that he is ascetic, and lives his life to help the poor, and that he does not want millions, and that the simplest food is sufficient for him, even if it is “a bean sandwich or a taste.”

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