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The bold digital shift in KSA and what to expect of electronic services

The bold digital shift in KSA and what to expect of electronic services

KSA has grown in response to the rapid global technological advancements and has established a strategy to achieve quality and productivity by replacing conventional processes with digital ones. This way, the government hopes to make more available service.

The prospects are good, as KSA’s digital infrastructure has enabled the country to deal with public and private sector disruptions while maintaining business continuity, educational operations, and answering citizens needs. Because of that, Saudi Arabia ranks among the top ten top 10 countries in the UN e-commerce index (produced by UNCTAD).

The National Digital Transformation Strategy

It counts with three strategic plans. The first action plan ran from 2006 to 2010. By the end of 2010, this first plan had allowed everyone to access government services at a high level from anywhere and at any time through integrated, easy, and secured electronic means.

The 2nd action plan ran from 2012 to 2016. After it, people had access to efficient government services via multiple electronic platforms in a safe, integrated, and simple way.

The 3rd action plan runs from 2020 to 2024. The current initiative focuses on creating a tech-savvy government.

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E-Government Program (Yesser)

The Ministries of Communications and Information Technology launched the e-Government Program (Yesser) to digitally transform KSA government agencies and improve services by empowering and motivating them to provide sustainable integrated technology solutions.

Program services provided to government agencies

The Kingdom digitally empowers government agencies through programs on Yesser to provide citizens with effortless services.

Channel for Governmental Cooperation

The channel allows designated agencies to collaborate and provide e-government services more effectively, reliably, quickly, and safely by exchanging shared government data. The National Center for Digital Certification is a non-profit organization dedicated to digital certification. It provides digital documentary services for clients (government, citizens, and businesses) while conducting various electronic operations.

Government Certification Services

Turnkey service

Link service

Integration service

Governmental certification certificates:

Secure Mail Certificate

Name certificate

Safe site certification

Hardware Certification

The unified national system for government correspondence

A platform of Yasser permits all government agencies to exchange government correspondence and documents safely and straightforward. It saves time, effort, and costs besides striving for a paperless government.

Programs to support and empower government services


This specialized centre leverages advanced tools, methods, and technologies to improve the end-user experience. The centre contains three departments:

1. Digital Competencies Center: develops digital capabilities to support digital transformation

2.The Digital Consulting Center: supports digital transformation across government agencies

3.Digital Innovation Center: promotes a leap in government agency’ work

Government Service Observatory (Marsad)

Imagine a system that elevates digital services until they reach full maturity and transform them from traditional to 100% digital. It also standardizes joint business entity services.

Measurement (Qiyas)

The Measurement (Qiyas) initiative aims to develop the government digitally, following it periodically per a transparent methodology and global benchmarking.

Information Technology Leadership Portal

It is an interactive portal for government agency technical leaders to standardize national services and applications provided by the Yesser program. It also allows information technology managers to use services effectively and update them directly.

Program services provided to the citizen

Unified National Platform GOV.SA

It is an ambitious journey to build an integrated model for providing high quality and efficient government services. Whether you are a citizen, resident, business owner or visitor, you can access the government services via omnichannel experience.

Citizen Interaction Center (AMER)

Thousands of citizens use the electronic government agency services daily. Therefore, Yesser has launched the Citizens Interaction Center (Amer) to respond to all inquiries related to the many communication channels of the electronic services:


Text messages

Instant chat



Social media channels

The centre also visually interprets services in sign language and maintain women’s privacy with female interpreters.

Digital Transformation Unit

It is the primary program in achieving digital transformation in the KSA. It provides strategic guidance, expertise, and supervision through cooperation with the government and private agencies. It aims to achieve the highest digital development through sustainable economic and enhance innovation and values by investing in young talent.

Digital software and platforms

Digital Giving Initiative

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology launched a specialized, non-profit initiative to spread digital awareness that offers many specialized Digital Transformation & Information Security courses and experts and specialists teach numerous seminars. It also provides an opportunity to obtain answers from specialists.

Digital Government Journal

The first Saudi electronic magazine specialized in the government sector provides visitors, interested parties, and digital transformation leaders with specialized content and data regarding artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and emerging technologies locally and globally.

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