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Joe Biden, the 46th President of America

US media announced that Democratic candidate Joe Biden had become the 46th President of America. He had won the US presidential election over his Republican rival Donald Trump, after surpassing 290 votes in the electoral community.

the 46th President of America
Joe Biden, the 46th President of America

The media reported that Biden won the state of Pennsylvania, which was led by Trump, thus obtaining 20 additional votes from the electoral college for the state, as well as 6 votes from Nevada, reaching 290 votes and becoming president of the United States of America.

Joe Biden has delivered his speech, representing a speech announcing the victory, becoming the 46th President of America.

Biden’s 1st Speach

On the other hand, Donald Trump confirmed that he would easily win the elections if legitimate votes were counted only.

Trump said in a tweet on his account on “Twitter”: That his election campaign observers were prevented from performing their duties, calling for the selection of the votes accepted during this period as illegal votes, indicating that the Supreme Court will rule on the legality of these votes.

Donald Trump had said earlier that there were attempts to steal the presidential elections, indicating that voting by mail destroyed the electoral process and opened the way to fraud.

In turn, the social media website “Twitter” puts a warning sign about the content of Trump’s tweet, considering that it may contain misleading or false information about the electoral process.

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