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“Tawakolna” Corrects the Technical Defect

The administration of the Tawakolna application announced that with the efforts of the employees in the application from this country, the diagnosis of the technical defect that was limiting the entry of many users to the application during the past days was finalized, after careful follow-up and analysis processes which lasted for weeks.

Furthermore, the Tawakolna application administration confirmed that the application works very efficiently now, with a stable service after the activation of some technical reforms and improvements.

Users can benefit from it in proving their health status during their entry or their reviews to government departments or their visits to centers and commercial markets. It will work to restore the full service of the distinctive application during the next period. Foremost among them are: Corona examination reservation service, digital wallet services, dashboard and other services.

The administration thanked the general public for their deep understanding of this technical problem, which was due to the large entry operations on the application. It was accompanied by the compulsory presentation of the Tawakolna application to prove the health status in work sites, shops and commercial markets.

 The operations executed in one day reached more than 250 million, which is a very large number that does not exclude the occurrence of such technical problems, noting that since its launch on May 11, 2020, the application has not encountered any fundamental technical problems, even with high registration rates.

 It was providing its services with high efficiency to about 9.7 million users, under the management and follow-up of a fully Saudi technical team, who represent the secret of the success and excellence of this application.

 The number of registered users in the application increased to 12.5 million users in just 3 days, an increase of up to 22.5% within a short period, which caused pressure on the network and instability of the service, However, temporary alternatives were provided to users by texting their proof of health.

The Tawakolna application administration has renewed its commitment to providing its excellent services to all citizens and residents, in support of the country’s health efforts to contain the pandemic of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), urging all users to update the application through approved application stores.
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