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Tabuk Enhances Quality of Life

Tabuk Enhances Quality of Life
Tabuk City

Tabuk, a city in northwestern Saudi Arabia, is aligning with the country’s ambitious Vision 2030.

This strategic framework aims to reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil, diversify its economy, and develop public service sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, recreation, and tourism.

Vision 2030, Urban Development

As part of this vision, Tabuk is leveraging its environmental potential and resources to support and enable Vision 2030 programs.

This is being achieved through municipal services, initiatives, and programs that elevate the quality of life and urban sustainability​.

Public Spaces, Recreation

Tabuk is committed to creating public parks and pedestrian tracks throughout its cities and governorates.

Encouraging walking as a form of exercise, the municipality has established over 170 public parks and 31 pedestrian tracks.

These developments are not only for able-bodied individuals; 11 parks are equipped with facilities for people with disabilities.

The goal is to ensure that no home is more than 890 meters squared away from the nearest park, aspiring to meet global standards for easy access to green spaces​​.

Environmental Initiatives

The city has planted approximately 27,000 trees since the beginning of 2023 and distributed many plantlets in regional parks, involving volunteers to enhance environmental awareness and contribute to the Saudi Green Initiative.

The preservation of green spaces plays a crucial role in improving the climate and reducing heat, reflecting Tabuk’s vision of providing a green and healthy environment for individuals.

This commitment is part of a comprehensive strategy to foster environmental consciousness and contribute to a more sustainable future for the region​​.

Community Engagement, Lifestyle

Tabuk’s developments include sports pathways, green landscapes, children’s playgrounds, and expansive sitting areas.

These facilities serve as venues for government, civic, and non-profit sectors to host festivals and activities that support international days and various community programs.

These efforts have turned the city into a hub for communal gatherings and recreational activities, improving the overall lifestyle of its residents​​.

Tabuk is an exemplary model of how urban development can be aligned with national visions to enhance the quality of life for its residents.

By investing in public infrastructure, environmental initiatives, and community-focused projects, Tabuk is setting a precedent for sustainable urban living that other cities within the Kingdom and the broader region can emulate.

The ongoing projects reflect a significant civilizational shift, contributing to the rise in quality of life for the community as envisioned by the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030​​​​.

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