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Makkah… Journey Through History, Urban Development


Makkah’s historical and urban landscape showcases a remarkable fusion of tradition and modernity. The city’s urban environment has always been closely tied to its rich historical and cultural heritage.

Over the years, historians, geographers, painters, and writers have played a crucial role in documenting the development and changes that have taken place in Makkah. Their contributions have helped preserve the city’s timeless charm and its significance as the birthplace of Islam.

 Role of Geographers in Documenting Makkah’s Evolution

Geographers have been instrumental in understanding Makkah’s urban and civilizational aspects, contributing to the public’s understanding of the spatial dimension and its relationship with history.

Dr. Khadran Al-Thubaiti, a former professor of geography at Umm Al-Qura University, emphasizes the close connection between history and geography as both dimensions go hand in hand.

The Contributions of Historians in Mapping Makkah’s History

Historians have played a pivotal role in mapping Makkah’s history, particularly focusing on the development of the city and the Grand Mosque area.

Historian’s efforts have provided invaluable insights into the historical transitions and civilizational developments that Saudi Arabia has witnessed over the past 150 years.

Infrastructure Development and Services

The Kingdom’s commitment to the development of Makkah is evident through numerous infrastructure projects and the provision of essential services.

The government has focused on improving water networks through desalination plants and strategic reservoirs, electricity and drainage systems, environmental health, and municipal services.

Additionally, the Kingdom has invested in modern sea ports, airports, roads, bridges, and communication networks to cater to the growing number of visitors and pilgrims.

 Preservation of Historical Landmarks

Preserving Makkah’s historical landmarks is a priority for the authorities. The Kingdom has taken significant steps to protect  the cultural and historical heritage of the city.

Furthermore, medical cities, hospitals, and health centers have been established to ensure the well-being of pilgrims and visitors.

Sustainable and Harmonious Environment

Makkah’s urban development aims to create a balanced and sustainable environment that caters to all segments of society. The municipality of Makkah is committed to implementing various projects and initiatives that improve the quality of life in the city. These projects include the development of roads, tunnels, public facilities, water systems, parks, and waste management programs.

The municipality also focuses on urban planning and housing projects to accommodate the growing population.

Makkah’s history and urban development embody a unique blend of tradition and modernity. As the holy city continues to evolve, its rich heritage and cultural significance remain at the forefront, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who visit this sacred land.

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