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Saudi Arabia hosts the United Nations Environment Incubator Center for Geospatial Information

Saudi Arabia hosts the United Nations Environment Incubator Center for Geospatial Information

The United Nations Committee of Experts on Spatial Information Management has agreed that the United Nations Environmental Information Center will be located in the Kingdom.


It indicated that control would be transferred to Riyadh, in a new step that aims to boost the global partnership toward a future geospatial information management environment.


The Center is an important platform for exploring the future of geospatial data management using high-quality, innovative, and state-of-the-art methods to achieve growth, innovation, and development.


Moreover, one of the tasks of the center is to lead research and development in the integration of geospatial data with digital transformation systems, artificial intelligence, digital twins, and the Internet of Things to build a sustainable geospatial arena.


Director of the Joint Committee on Geospatial Research and Information Dr.  Muhammad bin Yahya Al Sayel expressed his gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Mosques and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince for their unlimited support of surveying and geospatial data related to the work of the kingdom.


The head of the agency added that this document received great attention and support from the minister of defense, the chairman of the board, and the members of the board of the agency, which is a step forward for the administration of global geographic information and produce geospatial information in line with Saudi Vision 2030 goals.


Al-Sayel noted that the Kingdom’s pioneering role in the chairmanship of the United Nations Committee of Arab Experts on Geospatial Information Management, as well as its active participation in international organizations in the field of geospatial research and information, allowed it to remain side by side to the latest scientific discovery.



It should be noted that the Kingdom, which is represented by the Joint Committee on Topography and Geospatial Information, was elected as the Chairman of the Arab Committee of Arab Experts on Geospatial  Management at the first meeting of the United Arab Committee on Geospatial Information that took place in Riyadh in February 2015.

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