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KSA Scales New Heights in Digital Regulatory Maturity, Surpasses G20 Nations

Saudi Arabia has recently been lauded by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for its remarkable leap in Digital Regulatory Maturity, outperforming the G20 countries, including the United States, France, Italy, China, Japan, and Russia.

This accomplishment underscores Saudi Arabia’s concerted efforts in aligning with the ambitious targets of Saudi Vision 2030, spotlighting the nation on the global digital map.

Unveiling Digital Milestone

The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST) attributed this prestigious position to collaborative endeavors both locally and internationally.

The launching of the Digital Regulatory Academy, regulatory innovation, global leadership, and advanced digital infrastructure have been the cornerstone of this achievement. This reflects a significant growth trajectory of Saudi Arabia’s telecom sector over the past four years.

Fostering a Digital Economy

With the ICT market size predicted to hit 154 Billion SAR in 2022, this milestone is a catalyst for the digital economy’s growth. It is envisaged to stimulate competition, attract investments in the ICT sector, and amplify the Kingdom’s influential and proactive role in the ITU.

Collaborative Endeavors: Pillar of Success

The success is a testament to the collaborative efforts spearheaded by the CST in conjunction with the National Regulatory Committee, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, among others.

The synergy among these entities aims to refine national regulations and bolster the infrastructure, marking a significant stride towards achieving the lofty goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Translating Vision into Reality

The initiative of translating the religious message of the Holy Mosques into global languages is an epitome of Saudi Arabia’s broader vision.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais’s initiative is not just a religious endeavor but also a cultural bridge facilitating a global understanding of Islam’s centrist message, underlining Saudi Arabia’s commitment to fostering a global dialogue.

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