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Scientists solve the mystery of “Penicillin” After 80 years

Nearly a century after its discovery by English scientist Sir Alexander Fleming, scientists from the British University of Sheffield said Wednesday that they had figured out how penicillin works.

Its discovery saved hundreds of millions of lives, without scientists being able to determine how it works!

Penicillin, according to scientists at the University of Sheffield, causes very minute holes in the membranes of bacterium cells during their growth, resulting in the germ’s collapse and destruction.

Fleming discovered penicillin while working in his laboratory at St Mary’s Hospital in London in 1928.

With Globe War II looming, Oxford University scientists succeeded in mass-producing penicillin in 1941, paving the way for antibiotics for the first time in the world.

However, in the 80 years after the discovery of penicillin, scientists have been unable to determine how this parasitic mold aids in the eradication of bacterial diseases.

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