Tabuk Education Administration achieves 6 medals in the Globe Environmental Program 2021

In the review of the Globe Environmental Program for the year 2021, the Tabuk region’s General Administration of Education received six worldwide medals.

Majid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Qair, the Director-General of Education in charge of the Tabuk region, thanked the students and the school that was implementing the program, as well as the school principal, Fadila Al-Nazawi, and the Globe Follow-up teacher, Fatima Al-Juhani.

He also congratulated Dr. Amal Al-Anazi, the assistant for educational affairs, Huda Al-Mandah, the head of the female students’ activity department, and Munira Al-Otaibi, the program coordinator and activity supervisor, on their accomplishments.

The Globe Environmental Curriculum, for example, is an environmental science program in which pupils learn to conduct measures relating to environmental characteristics such as water, soil, and vegetation cover. The data is gathered and uploaded to the Globe World website.

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