Saudi Tourism, Entertainment Sector Reshapes Saudis’ Summer Plans

Saudi people have been witnessing developments in their country in all ways but how do these developments change Saudis’ summer of the seventies and eighties? Summer now is different from before. So, how was the summer of the seventies and eighties?

Saudis used to travel to their favorite tourist destinations, whether inside or outside the Kingdom during summer vacations, reported Al Arabiya.

Mansour Al-Assaf, a social researcher, told Al that at the end of the 1970s, some Saudis used to spend their summer vacation abroad, as Lebanon was the first destination for the Saudis. Al-Assaf added that travelling outside the Kingdom in the sixties was something that only the rich were able to do.

However, travel destination and places of entertainment in the Kingdom at the present time have increased compared to the past. For example, they can enjoy the Saudi Summer Program with its various events and activities that meet the aspirations of tourists.

Saudis now can go to moderate summer destinations, or sea destinations such as the Red Sea, or AlUla, which is considered one of the exceptional places rich in natural and human heritage. They can even enjoy the events that are held in the beating heart of the Kingdom in Riyadh.

Tourism on a roll

All these activities made Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khateeb confirm that tourism witnessed remarkable growth last year, which made Saudi Arabia lead the G20 countries in the growth rate by 156 percent compared to 2019. Credit goes to the facilities and support that the tourism sector received, which resulted in this remarkable growth, according to the minister. Thus tourists now have domestic tourism destinations with competitive advantages.

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