Global Forum: Saudi Arabia 1st Arab Country in Tourism Readiness, Development in 2024

The World Economic Forum report revealed the top 10 countries that were able to improve their tourism readiness during 2024. While Uzbekistan topped the list globally; Saudi Arabia ranked first in the Arab world, followed by the UAE and then Egypt.

The report pointed to the increasing challenges facing the tourism and travel sector to maintain its competitiveness, which vary between economic, environmental and geopolitical challenges. The report  also aims to provide advice to travelers and seeks to provide a comprehensive vision for decision-makers in all areas related to tourism, such as hotels, airports, tourist attractions and airlines.

The United States ranked first on the list of best countries for tourism and travel in 2024, according to the World Economic Forum’s recently issued Travel and Tourism Development Report, published by CNN.

The report classifies the tourism readiness of 119 countries around the world based on a set of criteria: The most important are the level of infrastructure, natural resources, sustainability, availability of labor, and the extent of price competitiveness.

Like many countries around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic prompted many workers in the tourism sector to leave their jobs and look for job opportunities in other sectors.

European countries occupied six of the top ten places on the index of the best countries for tourism and travel in 2024, led by Spain.

The report described Europe as a destination that enjoys flexibility and ease of movement between countries. This is due to the giant railway network that connects the countries of the Old Continent

The report expects Asia to witness great activity in tourism demand after the lifting of travel restrictions in many countries in the region. This applies in particular to Japan, which has recorded an amazing influx since the lifting of restrictions imposed during the pandemic. The country received more than 3 million tourists during the past months of March and April.

China is also expected to witness increased tourism activity after canceling visa requirements for citizens of many countries like Ireland, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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