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Saudi Student Ranks Top 3 in Apple International Competition

Apple declared Saudi student Jawaher Al-Enazi, from the Apple Developer Academy (a joint initiative of Apple and Tuwaiq Academy), as one of the top three winners among 350 participants from 35 countries in the global Swift Challenge.

Apple CEO Tim Cook praised student Al-Enazi as the first Saudi woman to be among the best three distinguished projects in this challenge.

Al-Enazi, the winning student, shared that her grandfather’s death when she was five led to her developing stuttering, which became debilitating. With her father’s support, she learned to control it. Now, she’s developing an app called My Child to assist stutterers.

She added: “My parents never made me feel different, and I hope my app will do the same for any child or young person who stutters.”

The “My Child” app narrates Al-Enazi’s journey from a stuttering child’s perspective, incorporating characters based on her father and grandfather. It also offers exercises to regulate breathing and prepares users for real-life scenarios like reading aloud in class. She used AVFAudio to add simulated sounds. Furthermore, the way her father breaks sentences into small, manageable chunks.

She stated that she aspires to work as a programmer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She also wants to publish the “My Child” application on the App Store and continue creating applications that help others.

Five female students from the Apple Developers Academy, in collaboration with Tuwaiq Academy, a joint effort between the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones, and Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman University, achieved this victory.

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