Saudi Water Forum Unveils 4 Billion m3 Rainfall Rate in 5 Years

Experts at the Third Saudi Water Forum announced that the rainfall rate in the Kingdom increased to four billion cubic meters since 2020 until today, Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

This increase was driven by three key factors: using artificial intelligence techniques in developing systems for rainfall prediction models, evaluating the impact of weather on water resources, and fostering the efficiency of cloud seeding.

The announcement was part of a fruitful discussion themed “Artificial Intelligence and Modern Tools in the Water Industry – Vision and Experiences”, held by the Executive Director of Environment, Water and Agriculture Studies at the Office of Missions and Initiatives Affairs, Engineer Khaled Al-Luhaidan.

This outstanding accomplishment featured the third and final day of the Saudi Water Forum in Riyadh.

The National Center for Meteorology CEO Dr. Ayman Ghulam explained the central role artificial intelligence in enhancing cloud seeding processes. Ghulam mentioned that the artificial rain seeding program approved by the Council of Ministers has greatly increased the rate of rainfall in the Kingdom above average.

Furthermore, he reviewed the missions of the center which include using artificial intelligence to analyze weather data, enhancing the management of water resources, and mitigating the impacts of drought. They also involve reducing the risks of sudden weather changes and enhancing the sustainability and safety of dams.
It is noteworthy that the regional program for cloud seeding is one of the most notable Green Saudi initiatives, aiming at reducing desertification, combating drought, supporting the vegetation cover, and increasing the rainfall rate from 10% to 20%.

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