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Congo Accuses Apple of Using Illegally Extracted Minerals- RT Arabic

The government of Congo has accused Apple of using minerals “illegally extracted” from the east of the country in its products, reported RT Arabic. Lawyers for the Republic of the Congo has sent the American company an official notice to cease and desist these behaviors.

They also warned the giant technology company that it may face legal action if these practices continue. Congo’s lawyers, based in the French capital, Paris, accused Apple of purchasing minerals that were smuggled from the African Republic to neighboring Rwanda where they were laundered and integrated into the global supply chain.

Moreover, Congo’s lawyers wrote that Apple sold technology made from metals sourced from a region whose population is devastated by gross human rights violations. They added that Macs, iPhones and other Apple products are tainted with the blood of the Congolese people.

In contact with Agence France-Presse (AFP), Apple referred to data in its annual report for the year 2023 regarding the alleged use of so-called conflict minerals, which are considered essential for a wide range of high-tech products.

“Based on our due diligence efforts… we found no reasonable basis for concluding that any of the smelters or refiners of 3TG (tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold) determined to be in our supply chain as of December 31, 2023, directly or indirectly financed or benefited armed groups in the DRC or an adjoining country,” Apple said.

It is noteworthy that Congo, the United Nations, and Western countries accuse Rwanda of supporting rebel groups, including the “23 Movement,” in an attempt to control the vast mineral resources in the region, which the other side denies.

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