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Saudi Space Commission, UK Agency Sign MoU on Peaceful use of Outer Space

The Saudi Space Commission and the UK Space Agency have signed recently a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the peaceful use of outer space.

The agreement aims to provide a framework for space cooperation, review areas of common interest in the peaceful use of space.

The memorandum also aims to facilitate the exchange of information, technologies, and individuals working in related fields on both sides to maximize gains in the fields of space and its technology, there will be more cooperation.

His Excellency the Chairman of the Saudi Space Authority’s Board of Directors, Eng. Abdullah bin Amer Al-Sawaha, signed the memorandum on behalf of the authority, and Dr. Kwasi Quarting, Minister of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – Member of the UK Parliament, signed it on behalf of the UK Space Agency.

The memorandum intends to strengthen bilateral collaboration in the fields of space research and engineering, as well as work to improve the role of scientific missions and human flight programs, as well as cooperation in Earth observation, space application data, and satellite manufacture and launch.

The signing of this memorandum is part of the Saudi Space Authority’s efforts to localize technologies and industries and ensure the long-term viability of high-quality space systems in the Kingdom, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals and efforts to develop the space sector and its technologies.

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