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Saudi Science and Engineering Team Excels at ISEF 2024 with 27 Awards

The Saudi team for science and engineering claimed 27 awards at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF 2024), reported the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The team won 18 grand awards and 9 special awards in a competition with more than 1700 students from over 70 countries worldwide, from May 10-17, 2024.

Great Achievement

According to King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba,” Saudi Arabia won 2 grand awards in the second place, 6 in the third place, and 10 in the fourth place at ISEF 2024.

Dr. Amal bint Abdullah Al-Hazza, Secretary-general of Mawhiba, said this achievement reflects the great and continuous support given by the Kingdom’s leadership to talents, science and innovation.

It also emphasizes the success of the productive cooperation and strategic partnership between Mawhiba and the Ministry of Education, and the enablers provided by the national system to develop Saudi students’ unique abilities and ensure their strong presence in international platforms.

Al-Hazza added that securing 27 awards at ISEF 2024 is a culmination of collaborative efforts, that underlines the commitment to Saudi Vision 2030 to built a vibrant society and a thriving economy through enhancing human capabilities and innovation.

Top Ranks

Saudi students excelled in various scientific disciplines. The second place was won by Hamad Al-Hussaini in Energy; and Abeer Al-Youssef in Chemistry. In the third place came Elias Khan in Biomedicine and Health Sciences; Soliman Al Masnad and Latifa Al Ghanam in Energy; Turki Al Dalami in Environmental Engineering; Tahani Ahmed in Material Sciences; and Laila Zawawi in Translational Medical Science.

Saudi Science and Engineering Team Excels at ISEF 2024 with 27 Awards
Saudi Science and Engineering Team Excels at ISEF 2024 with 27 Awards
  1. Meanwhile, the fourth place was secured by Nasser Al Soyan in Biomedical Engineering; Lana Al Mazroui in Cellular and Molecular Biology; Yara Al Kady and Yara Al Bakry in Earth and Environmental Sciences; Shahd Al Mutlaq in Energy; Asmaa Al Qaseer in Environmental Engineering; Areej Al Qarni and Lana Al Fehed in Material Sciences; and Layan Al Maliki and Tamara Radi in Plant Sciences.

With this outstanding accomplishment, Saudi Arabia has raised its total awards throughout its participation in ISEF since 2007 to 160 awards: 110 grand awards and 50 special awards.

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