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Saudi Klija, Dates Attract Visitors at ISEF 2024

While Saudi youth are competing with more than 70 national teams in science and engineering at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF 2024), the Saudi culture has been strongly present during their scientific journey in Los Angeles, California.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), this has been evident in the Saudi team’s good manners and behavior, their traditional attire and dishes that reflect Saudi culture.

The Saudi klija (cookies filled with date molasses) and dates have attracted visitors to the “Mawhiba” pavilion. The unique design of the pavilion, that reflects Saudi culture, has drawn the attention of ISEF visitors.

It has featured a variety of traditional delights from the Saudi cuisine, symbolizing hospitality. These include dates, klija, ma’mool (cookies stuffed with dates and nuts), and Saudi coffee.

Saudi Klija, Dates Attract Visitors at ISEF 2024
ISEF visitors eating klija

The Saudi team has served these sweet treats to visitors, introducing their recipes. It also highlighted the manufacturing industries based on dates, of which the Kingdom is a top global exporter.

Klija and ma’mool are deeply rooted in the Saudi culture, passing from one generation to the other. The Kingdom develops initiatives to preserve the recipes of these traditional dishes, given the importance of food as an integral part of peoples’ culture and history.

The presence of these dishes in international exhibitions has enhanced the understanding and respect of the Saudi heritage worldwide.

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