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Saudi scholarship student achieves academic record in UK

A Saudi scholarship student has achieved a new scientific research achievement in diagnosing heart patients with nuclear medicine techniques by creating and developing a standard database of hospitals in the British city of Aberdeen.

Bandar Al-Wadaani, a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen, told, “I have created a standard database for the residents of the British city of Aberdeen and approved it in myocardial perfusion imaging programs, using nuclear medicine techniques.”

“The importance of this work lies in the fact that the previously used standard databases do not represent the local patients of the city, but rather were designed for patients from California, USA,” Al-Wadani said.

In addition, he indicated that his scientific and research efforts focused on creating a new standard database for a group of local patients in Aberdeen for statistical comparisons with the automatic databases used in a program for imaging myocardial perfusion in nuclear medicine, as the results of his initial research studies indicated a difference in data between locals and California residents.

He noted that he then used the local population’s data to ensure the accuracy of the automatic analysis was high in diagnosis, as the database he developed was approved for use in hospitals in Aberdeen. In addition, Al-Wadaani’s academic supervisor, Dr. Fergus McKiddie, a consultant specializing in the physics of nuclear medicine, stressed the importance of this research achievement, which will increase the confidence of cardiologists in nuclear medicine examinations in Aberdeen.

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