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Iran arrests female human rights activist Afsaneh Azimzadeh

Iranian security forces have arrested a civilian activist and a member of the Association for the Defense of Work and Street Children, Afsaneh Azimzadeh.

According to reports, security forces arrested Afsaneh Azimzadeh on the evening of December 14, when she was going to Milad Hospital in Tehran to follow up on her mother, who was infected with the Corona virus, and she was transferred to an unknown location, according to the Iran International website.

An informed source was quoted as saying, “After this civilian activist was arrested in Milad Hospital, the security forces took her to her father’s house and searched the house and some personal belongings, such as laptops. Her tablet was confiscated, and then Azimzadeh was taken to an unknown detention center.”

Since the arrest, there has been no information about Azimzadeh’s whereabouts or the reason for her arrest, even if it is related to her activities in the field of children and women, according to the same source.

It is noteworthy that Azimzadeh was arrested by the security forces earlier in May 2009 during the celebration of International Labor Day that year, but the court issued an order for her not to be prosecuted.

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