Saudi Ministry of Culture Launches First “Metaverse”

The Saudi Ministry of Culture has launched the first national initiative in the world of “metaverse”. Artificial intelligence system for generative media intelligence will support the initiative.

The platform offers a mix of cultural offerings and digital innovation. Also, it will host a dynamic digital environment that allows users to experience activities and tourist attractions similar to Founding Day celebrations “in real life.”

This will include engaging cultural attractions such as the History Walk, and sectors dedicated to music, history, culinary arts, and crafts. In addition to mini-video games, live-streams and Symphony Concert on the ministry’s metaverse platform.

The Ministry of Culture’s metaverse platform is a remarkable, web-based experience ready for Mobile XR. This ensures accessibility across a wide range of devices, whether through mobile phones, VR headsets, desktops and other digital devices.

Thus, the Metaverse enables a diverse global audience to explore and participate in the rich history of Saudi culture. This experience also enables millions of Saudis and others around the world to experience Saudi events in the Metaverse, representing a turning point in cultural participation.

Furthermore, This initiative represents a major leap in the future of cultural expression and participation.  The artificial intelligence system for Generative Media Intelligence (GMI) in partnership with droppGroup, dropp Phygital using Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology supports the initiative.

This represents a qualitative and rapid leap for the Kingdom in the world of technology.

Saudi Ministry of Culture launches First "Metaverse"
A person in Metaverse.



Microsoft, Facebook and others claim that the future of the Internet will be a new world built with virtual reality technology. Therefore, it talks about building a “Metaverse” world, the word consisting of two parts, the first “meta” (meaning what is beyond) and the second “Verse” (derived from the word “universe”).



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