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Crown Prince Congratulates Estonia on Independence Day

Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, congratulated President of Estonia, Alar Kares on the occasion of his country’s Independence Day.


Estonia Independence Day


Each year, on February 24th, the Republic of Estonia celebrates Independence Day. Families come from all over to admire military units and listen to the orchestras of the Estonian Defense Forces, Police and Border Guard, and the United States Air Force. The Estonian president usually gives a televised speech and bestows state decorations to guests of honour at a national reception. Most events are also broadcast on TV throughout the day.

Saudi Arabia -Estonia Relationship

Saudi Arabia and Estonia may seem like unlikely partners due to their geographical distance and differences in size and population. But both countries  have been steadily building a relationship based on mutual interests and shared values.

Diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Estonia were established in 1992. Since then the two countries have worked together on various issues, including trade, investment, and security.

Saudi Arabia is Estonia’s largest trading partner in the Gulf region The two countries have also signed agreements on economic cooperation, investment protection, and avoidance of double taxation, which have helped to strengthen their economic ties.

In addition to economic cooperation, Saudi Arabia and Estonia have also collaborated on security issues. Culturally, Saudi Arabia and Estonia may seem worlds apart, but both countries share a commitment to promoting tolerance, diversity, and human rights.

Despite their differences, Saudi Arabia and Estonia have found common ground in their shared values and interests.By working together, Saudi Arabia and Estonia can continue to build a strong and mutually beneficial partnership that benefits both countries and contributes to regional stability and prosperity.


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