Saudi Arabia hosts regional aviation meetings on safety & navigation

Saudi Arabia hosted the nineteenth meeting of the regional group for planning and implementing air navigation in the Middle East, as well as the ninth meeting of the regional group for aviation safety in the Middle East, In the capital, Riyadh.

According to a press release from the Saudi embassy, the meeting was organised by the General Authority of Civil Aviation in collaboration with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Middle East regional office and with the participation of officials from civil aviation authorities in member states.

Captain Suleiman bin Saleh Al Muhaimidy, the Executive Vice President for Safety and Flight Standards, stated that the Kingdom has incorporated the Chicago Treaty’s suggested norms and procedures into national legislation and regulations and continues to do so.

It also provided the organisation with a variety of technical and material resources in order to help it achieve its strategic goals for safe and efficient international civil aviation.

Al-Muhaimidy went on to say that the Kingdom hosted the Middle East and North Africa headquarters of the Safety Monitoring Authority and contributed $1.5 million to its formation and operation.

By hosting the Regional Safety Oversight Organization in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the Cooperative Aviation Security Program in Riyadh, the Kingdom contributed to regional execution of the global air navigation plan and the global aviation safety plan.

The four-day gathering seeks to ensure the smooth and consistent development of international civil aviation in the Middle East and its surrounding regions.

The summit will also look for flaws in the Middle East’s air navigation services that need to be remedied.

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