Saudi Health Ministry announces the possibility of vaccinating children (5-11 years)

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, stated that the results from studies currently available are promising in terms of the possibility of including children between the ages of 5 and 11, by vaccination with doses of Pfizer vaccine,

He indicated that the procedures have not yet been completed.

Dr. Al-Abd Al-Aali said: There are bodies and centers specialized in this matter, and this began in the United States of America, and it is expected that there will be important meetings and decisions on this within the next two to six days.

He went on to say that progress is expected this week, with news on the prospect of profiting from it and receiving use approvals, followed by consideration from the rest of the world’s bodies.

He stressed the great confidence in the decisions taken by the Food and Drug Authority in Saudi Arabia in this regard.

Al-Aali stressed, “If the appropriate data is available, developments will be announced immediately on this subject.”

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