Saudi Arabia extends visitor visas for those outsides until November 30

Following King Salman’s directions, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to automatically extend the validity of visit visas for persons visiting the Kingdom from countries whose admission has previously been suspended.

 This decision was issued in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (National Information Center).

Visit visas will be automatically renewed without costs or financial compensation, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and visitors from countries that have previously been barred from visiting will benefit from the service.

 This comes as a continuation of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to mitigate the effects of precautionary measures to deal with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

 it revealed that the extension was done automatically until the date of 11/30/2021.

 The beneficiaries of the extension were also notified via their e-mail, and an e-visa form was attached to the mail sent.

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