Saudi General Entertainment Authority announces conditions for kids’ participation in events

Saudi General Entertainment Authority announced the conditions for children to enter the entertainment events it supervises.

In a statement, it identified the most important instructions and requirements for children’s entry to recreational activities in open spaces, which will be carried out in coordination with the Public Health Authority “Weqaya”.

It noted that children under 12 years of age are excluded from the condition of immunization or recovery.

 It also allowed them to enter recreational activities in open spaces, accompanied by immunized individuals, while they were free of flu-like symptoms:

– Fever

– Cough

– Runny nose

Sore throats.

Their condition in “Tawakkalna” is not infected and not in contact with it.

Meanwhile, the General Entertainment Authority decided to continue to prevent children from entering recreational activities held in closed places, provided that their entry is limited to those who are vaccinated with one or two doses, or a healthy vaccinator.

Earlier, the Entertainment Authority issued several decisions stipulating that entry to events is restricted to those who are immune, according to the situation in the application of our trust.

It also set a 40% rate for attendance at entertainment events held in open spaces, with an emphasis on adhering to precautionary measures.

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