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Saudi Culture Ministry launches “Darb Al Fengal “competition, with SAR 100,000 prizes

Saudi Culture Ministry launches "Darb Al Fengal "competition, with SAR 100,000 prizes
Saudi Culture Ministry launches "Darb Al Fengal "competition, with SAR 100,000 prizes

The Saudi Ministry of Culture announced the launch of the “Fengal Path” competition, which aims to introduce the methods of preparing Saudi coffee.


The competition also seeks to qualify the competencies specialized in preparing coffee and enhance the role and profession of the coffee expert, with a total prize pool of SAR 100,000.


The competition comes within the activities of the Saudi Coffee Festival, which is held in three cities: Riyadh during the period from September 29 to October 1, Jeddah during the period 6 – 8 October, and Dhahran during the period 13 – 15 October.


The competition targets Saudi coffee makers and workers in this field, who are interested in the details of its industry as the history and cultural heritage of the Kingdom, in addition to various segments of society.


The competition goes through three phases, starting with applying through the electronic platform and filling out the form at the link


The sorting will take place according to the fulfillment of the conditions, provided that 3 contestants will be nominated from each of the three cities, and the winners will move to the final stage that will be held in Jizan.


Three winners will be selected, the first of whom will receive SAR 60,000 and the adoption of his blend of Saudi coffee in some cafes, the second will receive SAR 30,000, and the third SAR 10,000.


The competition will be held over three days in each city, and each contestant will be asked to prepare the coffee in all its stages, from hummus to serving.


The evaluation is based on the method of roasting and cooling the coffee, grinding and boiling the coffee according to the method of each selected region, and the taste and quality of the final coffee cup.


The competition comes under the umbrella of the “Saudi Coffee Year 2022” initiative launched by the Ministry of Culture with the support of the Quality of Life Program “one of the programs to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030” in celebration of Saudi coffee.

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