Saudi Crown Prince: Personal Status system will be released in the 1st Q

The Saudi crown prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, stated on Tuesday that the personal status system will be implemented in the first quarter of 2022.

On the occasion of the Cabinet’s approval of the evidence system following the completion of the legal procedures for its study in the Shura Council following the provisions of its system, he stated that the evidence system is the first of four system projects issued and previously announced, the other three beings: the draught personal status system, the transaction system project Civil Code, and the draught penal system for punitive penalties.

He also stated that the proof system will be issued following the issuance of the Personal Status Law in the first quarter of 2022 AD, and then the other two systems will be issued following the completion of the study of their projects following the legal procedures drawn up by the Basic Law of Governance, the Shura Council system, and the Council of Ministers system, indicating that it will achieve a qualitative leap. It is an important part of the judicial law system, establishing norms based on established references in judicial action.

The Crown Prince confirmed that the evidence system was taken into account to meet the requirements of life’s developments in the social, economic, and technological aspects, and to keep pace with developments in the current era, in light of Islamic Sharia provisions and the Kingdom’s international obligations, while benefiting from the best international practices in evidence laws in force at the country level. The globe and the countries in the area, particularly current legislation, contribute to the advancement of justice by protecting society, individuals, rights, and property.

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