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Saudi Communications Ministry crowns 12 teams in the NCP for University Students

Saudi Communications Ministry crowned today, the Saudis who qualified in the programming competition for university students in its regional and international versions, and they were 12 teams.


The award was given during the closing ceremony of the Saudi Collegiate Programming Contest for university students.


The ceremony included honoring the winning teams representing several national universities, with financial prizes amounting to 530,000 riyals.


The golden teams received a financial prize of 310,000 riyals and a level medal for each team.

The silver teams received financial prizes of 150,000 riyals and a level medal.


The bronze teams, won a prize of 70,000 riyals, in addition to allowing all the teams to complete the qualification process through a specialized equipment camp.


The competition, which was held for the first time in the Kingdom to develop the technical skills of the sons and daughters of the country, and enable them to participate and qualify in the next two competitions, witnessed a strong competition between 51 teams consisting of 153 male and female students.


The winners announced today will qualify to participate in the regional competition that includes Arab and African countries, and then the global qualifiers.

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