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Saudi Citizen Explain His Talent in Taming predators Animals

A citizen from the city of Arar, in the northern border region, recounted his experience in caring and taming predators for nearly 20 years, and the story of losing one of his fingers through a predatory “hyena”.

The citizen Abdullah Al-Shammari said that he had started early on with the acquisition of predators, such as lions, hyenas, wolves, and spears, as well as all kinds of poisonous snakes, contemporary snakes, and scorpions.

Al-Shammari added in a report for the program “mbc in a week” on the channel “mbc”, that during the twenty years in which he worked to tame animals, he suffered many injuries, the most dangerous of which was the loss of one of his fingers due to a “menial” bite.

He cautioned against some people seeking to tame predators without full knowledge of that, noting the importance of learning about the ways and methods of dealing with these predators.

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