Saudi Cardial Makes into Guinness World Record

The Saudi company Cardial, specialized in jewelry and watchmaking, has achieved a new global record and joined Guinness World Record producing the largest diamond watch in the world, reported Saudi Project.

Cardial’s Journey of Success

Since ninties of last century, the clock hands of “Cardial” watches have been ticking to embark on a journey of success that accelerates over time. It is one of the most important watch exhibitions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to the growing quality of the company’s performance and the distinctive services offered by its exhibitions, it has taken the lead in obtaining agencies for famous international watch brands. This has made “Cardial” Watches one of the accredited international agencies. Since the opening of its first branch in 1983, “Cardial” has spread throughout the Kingdom.

Saudi Presence in World of Jewelry

Moreover, Princess Nourah Al-Faisal, the royal designer of Nuun Jewels, has teamed up with luxury brand Asprey. This collaboration brings together the aesthetics of Saudi Arabia and the sophistication of Britain in a unique blend of culture and luxury.

Asprey’s Iconic Pochette, 1781

The collaboration has resulted in the creation of limited-edition versions of the iconic Pochette 1781 by Asprey. These exclusive pieces will be unveiled at Saudi Arabia’s Jewellery Salon 2024, marking a significant milestone in the world of luxury fashion.


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