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Saudi artist paints on glass and marble

The Saudi plastic artist Faisal Al-Khudidi Al-Otaibi incorporated pencils, charcoal and oil colours in his paintings. His works range from realistic style to abstract decorative based on the material.

Al-Khudidi developed his talent until he was able to carve marble with ornaments and abstract shapes. He takes advantage of the material’s topography, cut iron sheets, treat wood, and dough them in some works.

Between talent and experience

He said in an interview to Al “Art is a talent that has been honed by know-how, study, practice and experimentation, and it has been nourished by reading, knowledge and insight.”

“The artist experiments and does not care for any school or artistic direction to be classified. He practices his passion and lives with his art to achieve his goal,” he explained.

Drawing is a passion and ambition

For Al-Khudidi, aspirations are many, and the ceiling of ambition is high due to the development the country is experiencing.

He also confirmed: “The Saudi artist, in one of the previous periods, was more like a desert plant that grew, ripened, blossomed and yielded in a difficult environment.”

Artistic contributions

Al-Khudidi completed his master’s study, Curricula and Methods of Teaching Technical Soil, from Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah.

He worked as an educational supervisor in the Schools Development Unit in Taif Education and as the Culture and Arts Association Director in Taif. He is a weekly writer in the Saudi newspaper Al-Jazeera for section entitled Window Talks.

He participated as a member of several jury committees for plastic and cultural competitions, and a plastic book entitled “My Fine Blogs” was published in 2009, followed by “Wife’s Conversations” 2016.

Al-Khudidi participated in many exhibitions, including the first solo exhibition, “There is something worth”, in Jeddah, Taif, Tripoli, and Beirut.

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