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Saudi Arabia’s “Tahakom” announces the “GITEX Dubai 2021” supercomputer.

Saudi Arabia's " Tahakom" announces the "GITEX Dubai 2021" supercomputer.
Saudi Arabia's " Tahakom" announces the "GITEX Dubai 2021" supercomputer.

The Saudi Company for Comprehensive Technological and Security Control “Tahakom” unveiled a package of sophisticated technical programs and solutions in the Government Hall as part of its participation in GITEX Dubai 2021.

The Saudi firm plans to demonstrate its expertise in the fields of public safety and smart transportation during its five-day participation in the expo by showcasing new products and innovative technology.

According to the firm, it offers smart city solutions, smart parking solutions, and traffic safety program technology, as well as a “supercomputer.”,” according to the Saudi “SPA” agency.

A supercomputer is a computer with extremely high performance as compared to ordinary computers used for general purposes, as it operates at the maximum operating rate currently possible to computers.

A supercomputer is typically used in scientific and engineering applications that deal with large databases or require a large number of calculations to be performed, or both, such as testing mathematical models of complex physical phenomena, simulating natural phenomena, performing encryption and decryption operations, and so on.

Supercomputers are used by scientists for a range of purposes, including modeling a huge number of artificial neurons.

Weather forecasting over lengthy periods is also done with supercomputers. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, these computers were used to perform various simulations in an attempt to better understand the virus and discover a means to stop it.

It’s worth noting that the “Tahakom” firm was founded in 2015 and now provides public safety and smart transportation services to 13 Saudi areas. The solutions supplied by “Tahakom” using artificial intelligence models help to position it as a preferred partner for smart and secure cities.

The company invites its partners and those interested in its solutions and technologies to visit the company’s display stand in the Sheikh Saeed Hall on the grounds of Gitex, Dubai World Trade Center.

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