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In detail .. 3 Italian artists died in an accident in Riyadh

In detail .. 3 Italian artists died in an accident in Riyadh

New details emerged about the death of 3 people in a traffic accident, which occurred last Friday, at the top of Mount Farhin in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

The Italian news agency revealed that the three victims were Italian artists, members of a band, who were killed after a tragic traffic accident.

The victims are Antonio Cagianelli, 33, from Barletta Andrea Trani, Giampero Gianni, 32, from Rome, and Nicolas Esposito, 28, from the Sicilian city of Agrigentino, according to the agency.

The car of the three collided with a second car on one of the rugged desert roads, which led to their death instantly.

Artistic band of 10 people

The three victims are also members of an artistic band of ten members who decided to go on holiday for a picnic to explore the Riyadh desert with local guides before being exposed to the sad accident, according to the Italian agency.

The Civil Defense had stated the incident at the time, after receiving a report of a vehicle falling from a very rugged mountain slope west of Riyadh, carrying 9 people.

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